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NACDS TSE NEW & NOTABLE Australian Dream Licefreee Consumers will pay more for a product that works, and Austra- lian Dream Arthritis Cream has the data and the history to prove it, according to the company. Australian Dream is among the highest productivity per square inch producers in the topical analgesic cat- egory, and in the entire store, the company stated. Australian Dream is advertised every day of the year on cable news and entertainment channels, and on national talk radio with such representatives as Chuck Woolery and Dennis Miller. And the brand offers an exclu- sive Empty Jar 100% money back guarantee. Australian Dream is carried in most chain drug and mass stores, as well as many su- permarkets. And coming soon, Australian Dream Back Pain Cream. Contact David Biernbaum, Master Broker and Business Develop- ment Consultant at [email protected] or at (314) 434-6008. Tec Labs’ vibrant new packaging for its Licefreee line of products is bound to stand out on o drug store shelves. With a distinctive shade of purple as the centerpiece of the brand’s re refresh, the company’s goal was to create an invigorating contrast among the sea of lice p products, Tec Labs stated. Tec Labs also is looking to make the process of selecting a tr treatment simpler for the growing number of consumers who speak Spanish, according to th the company. The new container makes the existing bilingual language more prominent. “We wanted to create a brand upgrade that appealed to new customers and not alienate co consumers who are already loyal to Licefreee,” said Lisa Leverich, director of marketing at Tec La Labs. “Our goal is to serve all families by offering a complete solution to head lice infestation.” Tec Labs worked with Anton Kimball Designs, a leading design firm out of Portland, to c create the new look. “These are true artists who create unique packaging that really jumps off of the shelf,” Leverich said. Anton Kimball Designs previously has worked with brands as va varied as Nordstrom and Almond Roca. CEO and president of Tec Labs, Steve Smith, realized the makeover of a market-leading b brand’s packaging needed to be treated with kid gloves. “Licefreee’s success has come d directly from customer loyalty and word of mouth. So, we wanted to make sure we shook th the tree without bruising the fruit,” Smith said. The Licefreee brand consists of Licefreee Everyday shampoo, Licefreee gel and Lice- fr freee spray instant head lice treatment. All three p products contain sodium chloride, or o salt, as the highly effective, non- toxic active ingredient, according to to the company. th Wendy Langley, a single mother, developed the original Licefreee gel in d 1998 after a traumatic experience us- 1 ing a toxic lice product on her daughter. in Her idea to kill lice using salt turned the H lic lice treatment segment on its head, ac- co cording to Tec Labs. Licefreee has gone on o to become one of the top selling non- to toxic pediculocides in the world, accord- in ing to the company. More information can be b found at Kerasal Kerasal NeuroCream is a triple-action formula that relieves stabbing, burning and tingling foot pain; warms cold feet; and soothes and moisturizes dry skin, according to the company. More than 30 million Americans experience foot pain, with many simultaneously suffering from cold feet and dry skin. Pain- ful, cold, dry feet may be associated with such conditions as dia- betes, fibromyalgia, shingles, arthritis, joint pain or muscle strain. Kerasal NeuroCream’s active pain-relieving ingredients — capsaicin and camphor — have a well- established use as topical pain relievers and are plant-derived, the company stated. The Fusome skin delivery system, currently used in Moberg’s JointFlex pain-relieving cream, helps facilitate skin penetration, en- abling a rapid delivery of effective pain re- lievers to the pain source, according to the company. Kerasal NeuroCream launched in late August 2013, with $2 million in marketing support, resulting in the item becoming the No. 2 brand within the foot pain segment over the last 24 weeks, ac- cording to IRI dollar sales ending May 18, Kerasal reported. 28 • AUGUST 24, 2014 Diabecline Diabecline is a new, patented, award-winning, hypoaller- genic, OTC topical antibiotic ointment from Dakota Life Scienc- es that is positioned for strong demand nationwide, according to the company. It is a powerful antibiotic ointment for patients with conditions that render them more susceptible to infec- tions stemming from wounds, such as minor cuts, scrapes and burns, especially patients with diabetes. Diabecline is formu- lated with maximum strength of tetracycline (3%), plus unique carrier technology that helps ensure rapid penetration by trans- porting the antibiotic through bacterial cell membrane, lead- ing to rapid killing and establishment of a zone of protection surrounding the wound, according to the company. It is avail- able at Rite Aid nationwide and has a $4.5 million consumer ad campaign, according to the company. DRUGSTORENEWS.COM