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NACDS TSE C ONTINUED FROM PAGE 52 survey, 57% of Hispanic consumers have utilized a retail clinic at least once, vs. 45% of non-Hispanics. “They may postpone or delay going to see a phy- sician, but they may be open to seek- ing alternatives or alternative sources of care, whether it’s at a retail clinic or at a pharmacy,” said Frank Lemmon, strategy and operations principal for PricewaterhouseCoopers. There could be a number of factors driving that decision, Lemmon said, such as the value associated with the healthcare visit or the credence associated with pharmacy. “Because pharmacies are so prevalent in many Latin American countries, there’s more trust in the pharmacy and the pharmacist to treat their condition than there is in any sort of medical institution.” On average, cost is most important to Hispanics when it comes to care, while quality is most important for non-Hispanics. Approximately 46% of Hispanics vs. 35% of non-Hispanics consider cost most important; 53% of non-Hispanics vs. 42% of Hispanics consider quality most important. Hispanics also are more likely with download coupons to a phone than other consumers (25% compared with 17%). PwC suggested this might be an opportunity for pharmaceutical com- panies and retail pharmacies to im- prove medication adherence by mak- ing prescription discounts accessible by mobile devices. Overall, more Hispanics than non- Hispanics use social media, mobile apps - tion about their medical care, and His- by the information when making deci- sions about care. According to PwC THE POWER OF CHOICE. It’s yours with said they are already using an app or the Internet to make medical appointments. Another 31% said they would be very willing to. “For many of them, mobile is their only access to the Internet, so it’s the way they’re using technology to con- nect [to] social groups,” Lemmon said. HISPANICS VALUE COST OVER QUALITY WHEN MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT CARE When deciding to seek health care, what is most important to you? Source: HRI/EMC Hispanic consumer survey, 2014 HISPANICS OFTEN SEEK CARE IN RETAIL CLINICS About how many times did you seek care for yourself at a medical clinic in a pharmacy or retail store in the past 12 months? At least once 2-5 times Hispanic 57% In today’s marketplace consumers have more choices than ever. And, because they do, you need to create a pharmacy that delivers greater convenience, faster service, more flexibility, and a better value. To help you do that, you now have a new and better choice in pharmacy systems— a customizable system built around your requirements, not a manufacturer’s. Discover the Power of Choice at Booth #2284 at the NACDS Total Store Expo or contact Robbie Teston at 949.248.8624 Non- Hispanic 45% Hispanic 29% Non- Hispanic 18% Source: HRI/EMC Hispanic consumer survey, 2014 DRUGSTORENEWS.COM AUGUST 26, 2014 • 55